cw.conf - Global Configuration for cw Utility




cw(1) reads its configuration from /etc/clockwork/cw.conf, and then attempts to read a similar file containing overrides, at ~/.cwrc.

Valid configuration directives, and their meanings, are as follows:

mesh.master - Mesh Master Server

Mesh master servers are the fixed points in the Clockwork Mesh architecture. They are responsible for listening to clients, authenticating and relaying queries to all subscribed cogd nodes, giving back the appropriate responses.

The master server must be identified by both its endpoint IP address and TCP port number. The standard Clockwork port for Mesh master servers is TCP/2315.

mesh.cert - Master Server Certificates

The Mesh master server will be authenticated by connecting clients via its public certificate (which contains only the public key component). This helps to ensure that the cw client is talking to the correct Mesh server.

mesh.timeout - Mesh Response Timeout

How long (in seconds) cw will continue to ask the Mesh master server for replies to its query before it gives up and exits. Since there is no way of determining up-front how many nodes should reply, cw must wait out the entire span of the timeout.

Defaults to 40 seconds. Values of 0 or less will be treated as this default.

mesh.sleep - Client Inter-check Sleep Interval

How long (in milliseconds) cw will pause between result checks. This gives the Mesh server some respite from over-eager clients.

Defaults to 250 milliseconds. The minimum value is 100 milliseconds.


This is the default configuration, plus a single master server at

mesh.timeout 40
mesh.sleep   250


clockwork(7), clockd(1), clockd.conf(5) and cogd.conf(5)


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