meshd - Clockwork Mesh Master


meshd [options]

meshd -c /path/to/meshd.conf

meshd -Fvvv


Clockwork is a system configuration management system designed to securely enforce policies on one or more host systems. It can ensure that files have the prescribed attributes (owner, group, permissions, etc.) and content. It can maintain a specific set of installed packages, and even make sure that system user accounts exist.

meshd is the Clockwork Mesh Master server. It handles COMMAND broadcast and query submission / result retrieval for Mesh clients.


-V, --version

Print version and copyright information.

-c --config /path/to/meshd.conf

Specify the path to an alternate configuration file. If not given, the default configuration file (/etc/clockwork/meshd.conf) is used instead.

-q, --quiet

Disable logging.

-v, --verbose

Increase verbosity by one level. Can be used more than once.

-t, --test

Test meshd configuration and environment. This checks both configuration file syntax and the validity of the specified security.cert.

-S, --show-config

Once meshd has determined its running configuration, have it print that to standard output and exit.

-F, --foreground

Normally, meshd forks into the background and detaches from the controlling terminal, so that it can run as a system service. This flag disabled that behavior. As a side effect, all logging will be forced to go to standard output, regardless of what syslog facility is specified in the configuration file.



Default configuration file that meshd reads on start up. See meshd.conf(5) for details.


Clockwork was designed and written by James Hunt.

The Clockwork website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License